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What is the Gasshuku Meaning For Goju Ryu Karate

What is the meaning of Gasshuku for Goju ryu karate?
Welcome to the Asian Arts Center website! The purpose of AAC is to further the study of Goju ryu karate relative to the teachings of Seko Higa sensei and spread the teachings of this art throughout Northern New Jersey.
The Asian Arts Center Gasshuku is an annual event held at the Tobukan Dojo in Caldwell, New Jersey in the spring. At the Tobukan Gasshuku, goju ryu practitioners gather to train together. Attendance by all Asian Arts Center students is strongly encouraged though you don't have to be a member of AAC to attend.
We invite all martial artists interested in furthering their knowledge in Goju ryu karate to attend. The Gasshuku gives us the opportunity to share our lives for a specific period of time and strengthen our bond through training. This unique opportunity includes many hours of intense training and hands-on instruction with Kinjo Shigeru sensei and Ishiki sensei of Okinawa.
Training includes classes during the morning and evening which all rank levels are addressed. Contact for details and Gasshuku fees for training. All students participating in the Gasshuku will receive individual attention and insruction. AAC rank testing is held at the Gasshuku. The Asian Arts Center Gasshuku is held at Tobukan Dojo, in Caldwell, New Jersey founded by Dong Tran Head Instructor.
Gasshuku is our yearly convergence with Okinawa, and our Federation's Headquarters. The training aims at solidifying our ties as well as synchronizing our syllabus. Ishiki Yukitoshi sensei is our Federation's VP, and as such, coordinates all training throughout the organization. Students eligible for black belt dan grading get tested on this occasion; this follows the strict protocol established at HQ where all students must be examined there for dan grades.
Thanks for your hard work. Ganbatte!

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