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Chiishi training exercises the favorite of the Hojo undo

canavasChiishi weight training is a beneficial aspect of training in Goju-ryu Karate do. These supplemental exercises or Hojo undo include using chiishi weighted levers sometimes called chiishi weight sticks. Basically chiishi are tools comprised of weight on the end of a wooden handle or stick. The weight is generally concrete or stone and varies by poundage. Some refer to this as an ancient form of dumbbell if you will.
Presently some chiishi are now manufactured with adjustable metal plates to facilitate switching weight amounts while using the same stick thus not having to keep many sticks for each weight amount, example 5lb, 101b, 15lb etc. Some people prefer to make their own chiishi which is somewhat simple to achive for minimal cost.
The Okinawan karate practitioner will benefit from this weight training because it aides in strengthening ones grip but also the joints including the wrists, elbows and shoulders. These exercises improve muscle tone. Chiishi training exercises are offered at the Asian Arts Center as part of the core of Goju ryu training.
Chi ishi (pronounced chi-she)
Chiishi weighted levers used in Goju Ryu Training

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