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Goju Ryu for Kids


Children learning Goju-Ryu at the Asian Arts Center
Children have fragile psyches. That’s why at the Asian Arts Center we nurture them. We don’t focus on tournaments. We don’t have trophies lining up our windows and our students are not champions.
Children who are pushed into competition end up losing their sense of self-worth in the long run. On average, about 15 to 20% of competitors win; and usually it’s the same children who keep on winning from tournament to tournament. The other 80 to 85% see their self-worth erode over time; as “losers”, they feel they have betrayed their parents and their sensei. The guilt and the stigma cause a trauma which is carried into their lives for a long time.
At the Asian Arts Center, we teach traditional Okinawan Goju-ryu karate. It is an authentic tradition going back to the original founders, and our link to Okinawa is current and live: we are the USA branch of the Goju-ryu International Karate Kobudo Federation (GIKKF), formed by master Seko Higa himself, one of the original founders of Goju-ryu. This tradition does not focus on competition and treats children as young adults with all the courtesy and consideration due them. The children are not talked down to, browbeaten, yelled at, or punished (even as they are in our schools.)
The study of Goju-ryu involves the children in a multi-cultural atmosphere where they see themselves belonging to an international community. They know they learn authentic karate as taught in Okinawa since the style’s inception. They look forward to the yearly visit and coaching of top-ranking officials and teachers from Okinawa. And when they’re ready to test for black belt, they know they will be examined by the top masters of the Federation. They may not be champions, but they’re winners.
The pride of belonging to an authentic Okinawan organization? Priceless.
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