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Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate is a martial art steeped in tradition. It had its roots in Chinese White Crane style; Kanryo Higaonna (1853-1917) studied it in Fuzhou, China, and passed it on to Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953) who gave it its name. Miyagi's students developed it into their personal ryuha (lineage).
The one we are studying at the Asian Arts Center/Tobukan is the lineage of Seko Higa (1898-1966) who was a cousin of Higaonna and trained concurrently with the founder, Miyagi Chojun.
The difference between this ryuha  and others is it's often referred to as "pre-war Goju", meaning it is not modified; it also focuses on the soft side rather than the hard aspect of Goju-ryu. The federation that Seko Higa founded, the Goju-ryu International Karate Kobudo Federation (GIKKF) has maintained the strict integrity of their ryuha, president after president. The current 6th generation leader is Sensei Gushiken Zensei, 9th degree black belt.
The Asian Arts Center's chief instructor is Sensei Dong Tran, 7th Dan, Kyoshi, student of the 5th generation president, Sensei Kurashita Eiki. The Asian Arts Center is the GIKKF's U.S. Branch Dojo and Sensei Tran is its U.S. Representative. 
Training at the Asian Arts Center follows the curriculum established by the GIKKF on Okinawa. The syllabus stresses development of explosive short-range power, classical katas (forms), applications that places value on self-defense and a keen sense of timing.
The curriculum is modified to accommodate three classes of students: the Juniors (ages 5 to 8), the Youths (ages 9 to 13), and the adults. While the younger groups have more fun with sparring and tumbling, their programs dovetail the adults' and eventually focus on solid self-defense. Our tradition is a classical one and does not foster competition or tournament training.
Are in you interested in learning Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate? Please stop by for a visit or, better yet, Try Out A Class For Free.


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Table of Contents

Call or Visit Us Today for a free introductory lesson to authentic karate as taught in Okinawa. Our children are nurtured and are offered Goju-ryu in a multi-cultural atmosphere where they see themselves belonging to an international community.
The list (and order) of Goju-ryu katas varies from organization to organization. In our Federation, since the kata was learned originally by Seko Higa directly from Higaonna, it is performed the long way.
Sanchin kata taught at the Asian Arts Center is the one originally taught by Kanryo Higaonna. Read why Sanchin kata or kihon kata is an essential part of the Goju ryu syllabus of training and its importance.
Chiishi weight training is an essential part Goju-ryu karate conditioning. Chiishi exercises improve muscles used in striking, blocking and tearing techniques.
Gasshuku is our yearly convergence with Okinawa, and our Federation's Headquarters. The training aims at solidifying our ties as well as synchronizing our syllabus. Read more.
GOJU-RYU GASSHUKU USA with Ishiki Yukitoshi kyoshi, Saiko Shihan at the Asian Arts Center 6B Provost Square, Caldwell NJ.
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Our Goju-ryu is of the lineage of Seko Higa. We are the U.S. branch dojo of the Goju-ryu Kokusai Karate Kobudo Renmei in Naha, Okinawa.

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